Transparent icon in the Elementor icons library

You can choose various icons from the Elementor icons library.Inside the standard iconlists there is however no transparent icon available. Why an invisible icon is usefull? Let me explain.

For listings with an icon in front of the text (like the icon listing widget) you want to align the icons and text vertically from each item. When there’s no icon needed the alignment of the text items is ruined. By selecting a simple transparent icon you can fix this.

View the difference indents between using transparent icons or not

Select a transparent icon from the Elementor icons library

With the missing widget plugin a new icon library is added, Missing Widget Icons. Inside this library you can select a transparent icon for your widgets. And now every text will align like the other texts with standard icons. Simple, effective and easy to use.

Select a transparent icon from the elementor icons library

Why do i need the Transparent icon extension?

Solving a styling problem

A simple solution to fix a small styling problem.

No css coding required

Just select the icon and you're done.

Makes you happy

One styling problem less to worry about.