FormAssembly Form Elementor Widget

Do you need to display FormAssembly Forms inside your Elementor pages? The current FormAssembly Form plugin only supports shortcodes. With this formassembly widget of this plugin yuo can simply drag and drop your form on a page. Just set the settings inside the widget and your form will be retrieved from FormAssembly. But there’s more. In contrast to the normal plugin you can change the styling of the form inside Elementor.

Widget properties for formassembly widget
styling formassembly forms

Style your FormAssembly forms within Elementor

Do you want to see directly how the form looks on your website. Providing you don’t use the formassembly iframe option you can control the styling of your form by using this widget. Just fill in the content and hit the the style tab and see your results.

Why do i need the Elementor FormAssembly Form widget?

Styling inside the page

Set the styling of the form from the widget to view directly the results of your changes.

No coding required

Simply Drag and Drop the widget inside your page, configure the widget and your form is ready for usage.

Responsive design

Design and style the form inside the widget to get the best performance from any device.