Elementor Button Global Styling Extension

This feature adds additional sitesettings for a elementor button. With this plugin you can define 5 global styling buttons in stead of 1.

In the global styling of Elementor you can set the global styling of 1 button. For 1 website it’s common that you’re using more than 1 styled elementor button.  But you can define the styling of the other elementor buttons inside the elementor site-settings.

This plugin adds an extra tab to the global styling so you can set the styling of all the different types of the elementor button widget. You can then create up to 5 globally styled elementor buttons instead of 1.

Extra site settings for elementor button widget

How does it work?

When you use the Elementor button widget inside your website, you can set the type of a button. But it does nothing except adding an extra class to your button. However in the site styling you can only set the styling of 1 standard button. By using this type property inside the site styling you can set more than 1 global button styling. Pretty handy don’t you think?

Get more out of the Elementor Button Widget

With the additional site settings this plugin provides, you can now set the global styling of 5 buttons in stead of 1 by making use of the button type settings.  See Example below.

Why do i need the global button styling extension?

Less custom styling

No more extra CSS needed for different types of buttons. Just configure the buttons inside the global styling settings

More acctrative styled buttons

With this extension you can style more attractive, prominent buttons on your website.

Same button widget

This extension is makes use of the default button widget. Changing the looks of the a button can be done by simply changing a sinlge property.