Elementor sidebox information widget

To make sure your users can quickly navigate to various information of fill in a form all the time, you can now add a sidebox information widget to your page. By using Elementor templates you can easily edit and manage the content of the box so you can add all the Elementor features inside the sidebox.

NOTE: This widget is only visble if you have installed the Elementor PRO plugin.

Standard Features for the information sidebox widget

Premium Features for the Information Sidebox widget

Elementor information sidebox widget

How does this widget work?

First create a new Elementor Section Template with all the content you want to show. This can be a list, a text, a list of icons or a form. You name it!

After saving this template you can add a sidebox information widget to a page or a header or footer widget (this way the sidebox will appear on every page with this header or footer.

Select the template you just created as content and add a title for the sidebox. Add some styling (font, color, backgroundcolors padding and width and height) to make the sidebox to your liking.

Websites with the premium version have the extra option to position the sidebox on the left or right side of the screen. 

missing widgets sidebox information widget editor template

Why do i need the Elementor sidebox information widget?

Improve linking within your website

With this widget a user is able to quickly navigate through the site. Add the most important links into a sidebox and you can always go the next section fast.

Lots of options

Since the widget is using an Elementor Template rather than a textarea to set the content of the information sidebox, you can add alle the types of information you want. Forms, Listings, Buttons and so on.

PRO: Left or Right option

With the Premium plugin license you are able to position the information sidebox to the left or the right of the screen.