Elementor Scroll To Top Button Widget

A scroll to top button is mostly a static button inside the corner of a webpage and let’s a user scroll up to the top of the page with one click. Creating such a button is easy. See for instance this instruction of Elementor itself.

However such a button will always be visible even if you don’t need it. The elementor scroll to top button widget only appears if you scroll below the pagefold of a page. And the button will hide if the user is above the pagefold.

The button can easily be styled and positioned on the left or right of the screen. This way you the button won’t overlay with other chat plugins, recapchta’s or other info buttons of the same position.

Propertie for Elementor scroll to top button widget

Why do i need the Elementor Scroll to Top widget?

Better user experience

Makes it easy for your users to return to the top of long page with a single click.

Improve your conversion rate

With the Elementor scroll to top widget you can keep your users on the page. This increases your changes of conversion.

More website functionality

Enhance your overall website performance by providing an extra additional feature for your users.