Elementor numbered list widget

The icon list widget allows you to place an icon in front of your text. However labels and numbers are not possible. Luckily this plugins has a label list widget and now also a numbered list widget!

With this widget you can style and select various numbering options to make your list stand out and easy to read. You can:

  1. Support for numbers, letters and Roman numbers.
  2. Support for numbers with leading zeros.
  3. Easy sorting
  4. Start from counting option
  5. Styling for font and color of the numbers
  6. Background color styling for numbers
  7. Borders and border radius option
  8. Responsive controls
missing widgets elementor numbered list widget menu

Examples of the Elementor numbered list widget

Roman number example

Elementor numbered list roman numbers

Numbers with leading zero example

Elementor numbered list numbers with leading zeros

Uppercase letters example

missing widgets elementor numbered list widget example letters

Why do i need the Elementor numbered list widget?

Various number options

With this widget you can set numbers, roman characters of letters in front of you text.

Start numbering from any number

This widget allows you to set the starting point of the numbering on any number.

Extra styling options

With this widget you can control the color, background color, font and border of the numbers of the list.