Elementor Label List Widget

With the default Elementor icon list widget you can display a list of terms and set an icon in front of the text. The Elementor list label widget works the same, but with the icon is replace with a label. The label and text can be styled in nice ordered columns and even look nice of a phone or a tablet.

Very handy for a contact information list or a small detail list. See example below.

Missing Widgets Elementor Feature list

New Feature: Alignment for labels and text!

A big wish for developers! Settings the alignment for the label and text differently gives this widget so much more possibilties. How about this simple nice looking Pricelist!!!


  • Lovely feature € 80,50
  • Cool feature € 20,50
  • Very nice feature € 120,00
  • Best feature ever € 12,23
Widget properties for elementor label list widget

Why do i need the Elementor Label List widget?

Better user experience

Showing a small key-point list on your page gives the user in a flash a view what kind of valuable info there is on this page.

Responsive mobile layout

The widget has a specific ordering of the list item for small devices so they read as nice as on a desktop.

Dynamic field support

Link the various listitems with specific page fields or ACF fields so the content can be changed based on the input inside the WordPress CMS.