Elementor Formidable Forms Widget

Formidable Forms is a popular form plugin in WordPress. With the standard Formidable widget you can Drag and Drop a Formidable Form to your Elementor page and set some basic form settings. But styling of the form can only be done in the Formidable plugin. Furthermore the lite version only support one styling for all forms.

With this widget you can set the styling of all the different fields inside the Elementor widget. This will make styling a form so much easier! See the result here below.

Demo Formidable Form

Demo Formidable Form

Description of the form

Field Description input field
Field Description Textarea field

Text for a HTML Field

Missing Elementor Widgets / Features

Bold Text

Field Description select field
Checkboxes Horizontal
Field Description checkbox field
Radio Buttons Vertical
Field Description radio buttons field
Do the styling of formidable forms inside a elementor widget

Why do i need the Elementor formidable forms widget?

Styling inside Elementor

With this widget you can control the styling of the form inside the widget itself and see the output directly.

No coding required

Simply Drag and Drop the widget inside your page, add the form, style the form inside the widget and your form is ready for use.

Responsive design

Adjust various styling elements based on the type of device.