Elementor Footer Menu Widget

With the default navigation menu widget of Elementor you can create a decent main- or topmenu. However creating a footer-menu with various menu-columns is not possible. With Elementor footer menu widget you can. Create a good-looking responsive 2-layer footermenu for your website which you can manage inside the standard WordPress menu’s adminpages. Add styling and extra icons in front of the submenu items to create a fancy footermenu.

Widget properties for Elementor footer menu widget

Create a elementor footer menu from your WordPress menu-items

Turn these WordPress menu itemsĀ 

Footer menu in WordPress Menu

into this footer-menu

Example of a elementor footer menu widget

Why do i need the Elementor Footer Menu widget?

Improve your SEO page ranking

A well designed footermenu will improve the internal linking within the website giving a boost to your website SEO performance.

No coding required

Simply Drag and Drop the widget inside your footer template, set the WordPress menu and configure the widget and your footermenu works. No coding required!

Better user experience

Users can find information more easily and go quickly to the next page of your website increasing the customer satisfaction.