Elementor Dynamic field list widget

If you want to create a list of various fields just like the standard icon list without icons but with a separator for the different fields, you can use this widget for it.

For instance if you want to show a list of product properties in one line separated by a divider you can use this widget.

Or create a horizontal list of menu items with a divider between them.

Standard Features for the dynamic field list widget

Premium Features for the Dynamic field list widget

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Product Example

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How does this widget work?

Add a section and search for the “dynamic field list” widget.

Then select the different fields (dynamic or text) you wish to show. You can set a link and choose the option “hide when empty” if the dynamic field turns out to be empty.

Choose your separator (Premium users can set their own custom separator) and set if you want to show the list either horizontal or vertical.

Then set the styling and your done.

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Why do i need the Elementor dynamic field list widget?

Create a list of dynamic items

With this widget you can create a list of various fields and use a divider to tell them apart.

Horizontal or vertical listing

Set the list the way you want, either horizontal, like a copyright menu on the bottom of the page, or vertical, like a list of product properties.

PRO: Custom Divider/Separator

With the Premium plugin license you are able set your own divider between the various fields. The options are endless!