Elementor Anchor With Offset Widget

Get more control for Elementor anchors

Edit menu of elementor anchor with offset widget

More control for your Elementor Anchors!

The position of the default Elementor anchor widget works for most cases. But if you’ll need more control to let the anchor stop on a specific position, you’ll need this widget. With this elementor anchor with offset widget you can set the speed and offset the way you like it.

Extra benefit is that the anchor link of this widget will also set the correct position when a visitor is coming from another page.

Why do i need the Elementor Anchor with Offset widget?

More control

Set the exact scroll position and speed of a anchor, just the way you like it. No more headers hidding under a static menu!

Better user experience

Users see the exact text you they asked for. No more suprises!

Responsive scroll positions

Set various scroll positions for the same anchor based on the responsive layout of your website.