Missing Widgets / Features

Extend your website with the following Elementor widgets

Elementor can be extended with extra features and widgets by adding third party Elementor plugins. However in my experience as a website builder these plugins were always missing some features i needed. So i’ve ended up coding these features myself. Read more about the current widgets and features of this plugin.

Download the free version plugin

Want to try out this plugin. Just download it from the WordPress Plugin Directory at https://wordpress.org/plugins/missing-widgets-for-elementor/ , activate the plugin and you’ll have access to the following features and widget below.

Missing Widget for Elementor Plugin Page

The Issue: In the styling settings of Elementor you can only set 1 button style for your entire website. however most of the websites uses more than 1 button styling.

My Solution: I’ve added 4 more additional styling settings for the Elementor button widget by clever use of the type field of the button widget (info,succes, warning and danger).

Extra site settings for elementor button widget
Propertie for Elementor scroll to top button widget

The Issue: Creating a Scroll To Top button in Elementor is easy. But showing it only when it’s needed not. Also some popup chat script made it hard to position it properly.

My Solution: With this widget i can position the scroll to top button left or right and set the padding so it won’t conflict with any other buttons.  Furthermore the button only appears when you scrolled below the pagefold.

The Issue: With the default menu widget you can set an horizontal, vertical or dropdown menu. However most websites have a link menu inside the footer with multiple columns. You can add them as separate listings but this means the links are not updated when some changes the slug of a link. Futhermore you’ll need to style each listing separate.

My Solution: I’ve created a footer widget which use the default WordPress Menu and styles the results in multiple columns. You can also set the styling of the main menuitem different from the sub- menuitems. Also you can add an icon in front of the sub-menuitems.

Widget properties for Elementor footer menu widget
Widget properties for cookie consent widget

The Issue: In Elementor you can create a popup informing visitors about the GDPR/AVG. But setting the different checkboxes and hiding it afterwards was difficult. Adding an extra plugin is a solution but styling it was hard.

My Solution: With the cookie consent popup widget you can create a workable popup inside Elementor. This widget integrates easily with Google Tag Manager so you can manage the various scripts/tags here based on the settings a visitor agreed upon.

The Issue: In Elementor you can add WordPress field values to a page by using the dynamic fields option. For overview or archive pages it’s nice that all the displayed items have the same height and width. But if one item has a big text and others not this will be a problem.

My Solution: With this widget you can set a maximum length to any dynamic field and set an end tag so your visitors knows the text has been cut.

Properties for maximum text length widget
Widget properties for elementor list label widget

The Issue: With the icon list widget you can create a small listing on your page. But sometime and icon is not enough and you’ll need a label and text listing in stead of an icon and text list.

My Solution: With this widget you create a listing with labels in front of text. You can style it and even on mobile/tablets it looks pretty.

The Issue: The default anchor widget works for most cases well even with a fixed menu. But sometimes you’ll need more control to where the offset stops and the speed of it.

My Solution: With this widget you can set the speed and offset how you like it. Also the anchor link will work when coming from another page.

Edit menu of elementor anchor with offset widget
Widget properties for formassembly widget

The Issue: FormAssembly doesn’t have a widget for Elementor only a shortcode solution. 

My Solution: With this widget you can link to your formassembly forms inside Elementor.

The Issue: With the default Formidable Form widget you can add an form to your page. But the the styling still needs to be done inside the Formidable plugin itself.

My Solution: With this widget you can change the style of your form inside Elementor.

Widget properties for formidable forms widget
How to select a transparent icon from the icons library

The Issue: For aligning listitems without icons the text of these items can not be aligned like the rest of the listitems.

My Solution: You can add an invisible/transparent icon to the listitem. Now the listitems are properly aligned.

The Issue: With Elementor PRO you can create a fixed header for your website. When you scroll down this header remains the same, taking valuable space of your screen.

My Solution: This plugin adds extra settings to your header settings allowing the header and it’s images to shrink after scrolling.

The Issue: In the standard text editor widget you can show text with some html features. Only the feature to highlight text is not available.

My Solution: My plugin adds a hightlight button inside the text editor widget allowing you to add a background color to selected text.

The Issue: With Elementor PRO you can create popups but not sideboxes to slide open en close.

My Solution: This plugin has a sidebox information widget so you can add an easy accesible informationbox to your website.

The Issue: You can show various listing but only with an icon and no divider/separator between the fields.

My Solution: With this widget you can add your own (dynamic) fiels to a listing (vertical or horizontal) and choose a divider/separator for between these fields.