About Missing Widgets

Extending Elementor for WordPress

With more than 5 million active installations Elementor is the most popular page builder plugin of WordPress. With it’s drag and drop interface and easy editing any user can create in no-time beautiful content for it’s own website.

Elementor can be extended with extra features and widgets by adding third party Elementor plugins. However in my experience as a website builder these plugins were always missing some features i needed. So i’ve ended up coding these features myself.

For re-use in various projects i bundled them into a handy plugin called “Missing Widgets for Elementor”. Now i’m publishing this plugin so other can use them as well. I hope you like them.

Sivard Donkers, creator of the missing widget for elementor plugin

Missing widgets overview in Elementor
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A plugin made for you

Currently i’ve added my ideas for widgets and features inside the plugin but what i want is to develop ideas from other users inside this plugin. Some please do make suggestions so i can develop widgets and features people really need for their website.